Sorry, Everyone: Artificially Intelligent Bots In ‘Quake III’ Game Do NOT Create ‘World Peace’ If Left Running For 4 Years


There’s a wonderful story making its way through the tech/gaming media right now: That if you set 16 bots to fight each other in the video game “Quake III: Arena,” and then leave the game running for four years, the bots’ artificial intelligence figures out that if no one kills anyone, then no one dies … and everybody “wins.”

The bots end up standing around, passively, refusing to shoot each other, even if the map in the game is altered. Only when a new human-controlled character joins the game and starts blasting them do the bots go back to fighting — taking out the new belligerent first.

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Bots In ‘Quake III do NOT Create ‘World Peace’ if Left Running