OMNI Seeks World Peace sith New Strategies

What does the OMNI Center for Peace, Justice and Ecology headquartered in Fayetteville actually do? Organizers say they’ve heard this question many times. Maybe it’s hard to understand because in a world where everything has it’s place and every organization has a specific mission, OMNI’s is broad, and encompasses an all-human-inclusive world view.

“It begins from the idea that we’re not a group that is just doing one thing. We have this overarching goal that is world peace. That’s pretty darn huge,” said OMNI director Gladys Tiffany.

OMNI was originally founded by Professor Emeritus Dick Bennett and a group of “concerned citizens” in resistance to the Iraq War that began in 2003, utilizing methods of the past like public protesting. As Tiffany described, the group was “old hippies” coming out of the Vietnam generation

OMNI Seeks World Peace With New…