Luis Posada Carriles

Editor’s summary

Caracas wants the United States to extradite Posada to Venezuela, where he is wanted for allegedly masterminding the bombing of a Cuban aircraft as it took off from Venezuela. Seventy-three people were killed in the incident.

Declassifed U.S. documents show that Posada, 77, was a CIA informant in the 1960s and 70s. A UPI reporter’s analysis is that the case could put President Bush in a “no-win dilemma.” Cuba says that Posada is a terrorist, and the United States should not give him preferential treatment. His supporters say he is a freedom fighter dedicated to the overthrow of Cuban president Fidel Castro.

On May 19, Posada was charged with entering the United States illegally. He was scheduled to appear before an immigration judge on June 13.

On May 22, Venezuela’s President Chavez threatened to break diplomatic ties with the U.S. if Washington does not extradite Posada to Venezuela.