Silence greets new Togo president

Faure Gnassingbe sworn in

LOME, Togo — The African republic of Togo was quiet Thursday after the swearing-in of Faure Gnassingbe as the new president

Gnassingbe, 39, took the oath in the capital city, Lome, succeeding his father who had ruled the country for 38 years. Wednesday’s ceremony came 10 days after politically-driven riots left about 100 dead, Voice of America reported Thursday.

Changes in the constitution adopted in February after his father died allowed Gnassingbe to take the office for the first time. But rioting and international pressure forced him to step down, cancel the constitutional changes and call elections.

While ruling party supporters cheered at the congressional palace, outside, the city was silent, the report said.

Second place finisher Emmanuel Akitani-Bob said he would have won if the elections had not been rigged and unsuccessfully sought to have the results declared void.