U.S. pressures China to revalue yuan, again

U.S.-China relations

WASHINGTON — The White House used a report to Congress to call publicly on Beijing to revalue its currency no later than mid-November.

The U.S. Treasury has pursued a policy of gentle diplomacy with China since 2003 over Washington’s concern about the low-value of the yuan.

It expressed its expectations for a revaluing of the currency as part of the department’s semi-annual report to Congress, the Financial Times reported Tuesday.

“The fixed exchange rate that China now maintains is a substantial distortion to world markets, blocking the price mechanism and impeding the adjustment of international imbalances,” the report said.

“Treasury will monitor progress on China’s foreign exchange market developments very closely over the next six months in advance of preparation of the fall report.”

The department does not want to be seen as caving in to Congressional pressure for protectionist measures.

It also wants to nudge China toward a float of its currency without provoking a backlash in Beijing.